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December, 2011:
I will be back with the School of Art at MSU for the Spring 2012 semester. This fall, after working on an illustration project, I was able to work away a bit more at my graphic novel, Fruitless. You can view samples of the book here. In other news, I just celebrated my first anniversary with my wife, Susan, on December 18th!

June, 2011: There is much news to report! In September of 2010, I was commissioned by MSU to produce a web comic for the School of Art’s home page. You can view the web comic, titled “Within & Without” here. You can view older posts of “Within & Without” on Facebook. In other news, on December 18, I was married to my fiancée, Susan Dresser! We just celebrated our six month anniversary.
December, 2009: The fall semester has just ended at MSU. (I instructed two drawing courses this semester.) For now, I am back at home in the Great White North. I’ll be heading back down to Bozeman, MT, to teach a couple more freshman drawing courses over the spring semester. I recently exhibited work at the
Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, in Great Falls, MT. Bob Durden and the rest of the crew at the Square were a great bunch to work with.
July, 2009: I will soon be back in Bozeman, Montana after completing an artist residency at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California. I have posted some images of the project I worked on in Berkeley (a graphic novel) in the newly expanded
Images section of the website. During the fall, I will be completing that project while teaching as an adjunct instructor at MSU.


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